Thursday, 13 February 2014

If love is...

If love is big red cardboard hearts to share
If love is Clinton cliches and a soft teddy bear
If love is an occasional, prepared for treat
If love is a box of chocolates half of which you don't eat

If love is a special dinner at Pizza Express
Booked weeks in advance and under duress
If it's in buying you earrings you'll look on with dread
And only keep in a box stuffed under your bed

If love means kinky knickers and Ann Summers handcuffs
An annual stab at livening sex up
A strained once a year romantic farce
Overpriced flowers that die in their vase

If love is gestures borrowed from movies
If it's acts from Shakespearean plays
Written by others but produced for you
Once a year on Valentine's day...

We'll stuff that.

But if love is in little things 
like long late nights and evil early mornings.
Where you make room at the sink for me while we brush our teeth
How you stand by me through the humdrum
And the victory and the grief.
If it's in letting you have the last spring roll
Curling up with you under a blanket when it's cold
If it's sitting silent together reading the Sunday papers
In trolley racing in Tesco's, or Adsa or Sainsbury's 
In drinking too much gin and going home together
Or coming round mine whatever the weather
If it's still holding hands to cross the road
Treating me like a prince when I feel like a toad
If it's being able to decode my emotional signs
If it's in not needing glasses to read between the lines
If it's thinking about what you might like for dinner
Not once
But again and again and again
If it's in knowing you're my lover and also my friend.
Then let's forget valentines.
Cos I don't wanna do that once a year
It's not a summer holiday
It's right now, right here...

But what If love is buying coffee for a friend
Posting that birthday card you always forget to send
Listening, really listening to someone's problems
Even if you know you can do nothing about thing about them.
If it's random acts of kindness given freely to strangers
Idolising your mates and not just the famous
If it's in helping someone else move house
Doing the clear up when mums cat brings in a dead mouse
Cos you know she can't cope with having to touch it
And to take it outside to put in the bin
And doing all of this with naught but a grin.
If it's always remembering we're all people too
We all have feelings, we all go to the loo.
If it's forgiving and forgetting the little things
If love raises you up like a bird on their wings
If love is walking the line between two warring sides
Brokering peace in tumultuous times
Looking for common ground on the narrowest shores
Riding the tide and not once keeping scores
If love is turning the other cheek
Knowing when to be fearsome and when to be meek
If love is something to offer and not just to seek
If love can be brand new and also antique

Then let's forget you and me and this narrow Valentine's
Let's love every day and all of the time
Cos we've no reason not to love
And there is everything to gain
By sharing your love with everyone 
God knows there's too much pain
In the world in which we live
Hurt will only take away
But love will also give...

So here is my valentines 
Not just for my lover
It's for you dear reader
For your father and your mother
For your friends and for their pets
For your doctors and your vets
It won't last a mere twenty-four hours
It's wont wilt like petrol station bought flowers
It's valid three hundred and sixty five days of the year
All you need is love
And love is right here.  

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