Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In love with Irene

I'm in love, it's been a few weeks now.
There's so much to express.
It's a little unconventional 
And I've become rather obsessed.

I fell in love from the moment I heard her described.
Her 32G statistics on her diminutive size.
Her bright clear visage and capacity to take
My musings and my moaning in her stride.

I've stayed up late at nights so we could play together
Brought her a tight little outfit
Made of wipe clean leather.

I want to stay up late just playing with her
Leaving grubby marks wherever I lay my finger
I want to linger over her smooth, bright face
Tracing poetry in motion as we go from place to place
I get quite involved sometimes and tire her out
I have to plug her in, let her rest 
It puts my love right to the test
I confess I get carried away
Late at night as I tap away

She's apt for almost anything
And in the sunlight
In the morning 
I see the effects of my ceaseless mauling
I apologise and grab a cloth
And polish her with all I've got
I'll make her sparkle
And make her shine
Express my gratitude 
She's mine

She can be such an inspiration
When I can get her to connect
She takes my constant fiddling 
With a manner that's correct.

She's the apple of my eye 
I'll keep her by my side...

So I'm in love with my iPad
Don't knock it if you've not tried.

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