Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Just want to be happy

Walking round town
Hands in pockets, head down.
Passing all the places where success once stood
Now there's only failure in this neighbourhood.

Stepping over cracks
Looking down, never back.
Avoiding more bad luck and the waiting bears
Walking off my worries and walking into cares.

Following my feet
Eyes closed against the heat.
The signposts pointing in the wrong direction
No one notices cos no one follows them.

Keep on going
Where to, no knowing.
Everything is crappy
Just wanna be happy.

Walking through the woods
Follow tracks, wearing hood.
Oblivious to all surrounding nature
Nurture always gets ya sooner or later.

Jumping over streams
Which carry away dreams.
I put a couple in a paper boat
They sank right down. Some dreams won't float.

Creepy crawly eyes
Panicky birds cries.
Don't know how to tell them I'm just passing through
No communication will ever do.

Keep on going
Where to, no knowing
Everything I crappy
Just wanna be happy.

Soldiering on
Marching everywhere I've gone.
Finally I came to the edge of the earth
Looking right into the face of the universe.

Stars shining bright,
You know they have the right.
Do they wink and smile or frown and scold?
Do I cower beneath or stand there bold?

Stood stock still
I can only guess their will.
Memorise each and every one of their positions.
A starlight revelation,
I have to make some decisions.

Keep on going
Where to no knowing
Things might get crappy
But I'm gonna be happy
I'm gonna be happy.

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